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What Are The Benefits Of Natural Cotton Clothing?

What Are The Benefits Of Natural Cotton Clothing?

Posted by Pam McLennan on 7th Dec 2017

We see cotton pretty much everywhere we look. Whether it’s in clothing, bed sheets, curtains, towels and all manner of other products around the home. It’s certainly a useful fabric, thanks to its durable and comfortable nature. But is conventional cotton everything it’s made out to be?

Did you know, for example, that a quarter of the world’s pesticides and ten per cent of the world’s insecticides are used on cotton crops every year? When you consider that some of these pesticides were developed around the time of WWII as biological weapons, the thought becomes even more alarming.

If you’re wondering what are the benefits of natural cotton clothing, then we would say that the biggest is its organic nature. This means that absolutely no chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or insecticides have been used in any of the production processes, which creates a safer and healthier environment all round.

Kind To Your Baby

Because it’s thinner, less resistant to bacteria and more porous, the skin of a newborn baby is especially sensitive to environmental pollutants and chemicals. Even more so if it has become irritated or inflamed by skin conditions such as eczema. When you’re looking for your baby’s first wardrobe, this is why it pays to buy newborn clothing that is going to be the kindest to their skin.

By choosing to buy organic cotton clothing over conventional cotton, you also know there’s no way that the numerous toxic chemicals used in the production process are getting anywhere near to your little one.

So, the petroleum scours, softeners, brighteners, flame and soil retardants and other ghastly chemicals have been pushed aside in favour of natural harvesting and production methods. This means less chance of allergic reaction and skin irritation, while, because it’s not taken a bashing from the chemicals, organic clothing is also softer against your baby’s skin.

Kind To The Environment

The fact that no chemicals are used in the production of natural cotton materials, means that it also improves the working conditions for the people who harvest the cotton and make the clothing. By not breathing in such toxic chemicals on a regular basis, it helps reduce the cases of chemical related illness and fatalities, as well as improving their quality of life.

In general by buying natural cotton clothing, you are helping the environment and that again is down to the absence of toxic chemicals in the production process. Through not using products that contain these kind of pollutants, you will create a smaller carbon footprint and help prevent water contamination and soil erosion, helping to maintain soil fertility and contributing to a better environment over all.


Let’s face it, buying for a baby can be an expensive process all round. And this is why people can sometimes be put off by the cost of organic products. However, did you know that buying organic cotton clothing for your baby is cheaper in the long run and again, you guessed it, it’s down to the chemicals that are used.

Organic cotton clothing is much sturdier than conventional cotton clothing and this is because it hasn’t been battered by a deluge of toxic chemicals.

In fact, organic cotton clothing can be washed ten times more than its conventional counterpart before the material starts to break down, which means less need to buy replacements. So, because it’s sturdier and more durable, your baby’s clothes, blankets and bedding will last longer, saving you money in the long term.


In brief, here is a top ten round up of the benefits of buying natural cotton clothing:

  • Protect your child’s delicate skin
  • Reduce the use of harmful chemicals
  • Improve the working environment for cotton industry workers
  • Reduce work related fatalities
  • Protect water supply by preventing contamination
  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Sturdier, softer and more durable material
  • Save you money
  • Avoid allergies and other related skin conditions
  • Reduce respiratory problems in children

If you would like to buy the kind of clothing that will be kindest to your little one’s skin, then it makes sense to opt for natural cotton clothing every time.

Take a browse through some of the delightful products that we have at Natures Purest and rest assured that they have been made using the kindest possible organic processes. Then you can order your natural baby cotton clothing online with us today for speedy, safe and secure delivery right to your door.

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