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Ditching Dummies

There is no 'wrong' or 'right' with dummies, so this is down to what works best for your family.  In a perfect world the dummy would be gone around six months of age, before attachment to its cemented, particularly as a sleep association, "says nurse Jo Ryan from BabyBiss sleep consultancy.  But dont stress if your toddler still loves his dummy - there's time to say so long, sucker.  Its not until about six years that dummy use can affect teeth.


Go slowly - start by setting limits on when and where you'll offer the dummy (only at night, for example, or only inside the house) and gradually phase it out.

Use distractions - For young bubs, layig oeek-a-boo, having a cuddle or going for a walk will all distract from the missing dummy.  For older tots, a soft toy can offer comfort instead.  Some mums even safely sew an old dummy into a toy so the dummy is never really gone.

Say goodbye - "involve your child in the process, rather than just taking the dummy away.  "Jo says, Your tot can leave dummies out for the Dummy Fairy, host a special fareware ceremony at the garbage bin, or wrap old dummies up to "mail" away (read:  throw out).

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