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Motherhood Journal

The arrival of your baby is one of life's greatest experience.  However many mothers are surrpised by their mixed and unexpected emotions once they become a mum.  Major changes to their lifestyle including their partner's can bemore than overwhelming and unsettling as to how your responsibility of a new baby for the first time and handling all the extra workload which seems to never end.

Juggling is one of our favourite words as you will soon discover that meeting your baby's needs, finding time in maintaining your relationship and then caring for yourself can lead to some sleepless nights and exhaustion.  It can also lead to the feeling of how am I going to do it all and be the perfect mother and wife.

These simple tips can help you become less stressed and exhausted following the birth of your precious baby.

Nurture yourself by resting and finding time for you.

Eat nutritious meals, drink plenty of water and be physically active on a regular basis - its amazing how good you will feel.

Share your concerns with family and friends and dont forget to ask them for hel with baby, shopping and housework.

Sometimes we have high expectations about getting our housework done and have everything perfect but this is not realistic and only so much can be achieved during the day.

Partners are sometimes forgotten and it can be a hard time for them but if you make time and make sure that you both allow time for each other and make each other matter then this will make your journey so much enjoyable as parents.

Helpful information is always available and here are a few online for your information and reading.

Happy Parenting!

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