Nature’s Child Bio Nappy Liners Roll of 200

Nature’s Child Bio Nappy Liners Roll of 200


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  • Description

    Nature's Child Bio Nappy Liners

    • helps keep baby's skin dry
    • makes cloth nappying easier - no more pooey washes!

    Biodegradable nappy liners from Nature's Child can be used in both cloth and disposable nappies.

    There is no need to scrape poo off your cloth nappies anymore - simply place one of these nappy liners inside any nappy to catch the poo.

    Then you can dispose of the liner and wash your nappy without all the mess. 

    If it's a wet nappy, dispose of the bioliner, then simply wash your wet nappy. Makes using cloth nappies easy!

    Although these liners are biodegradable, in light of recent reports of wipes clogging sewerage systems,

    we recommend binning wet liners to avoid unnecessary flushing. Flush the really pooey ones if necessary,

    but it's best to limit flushing to avoid system clogging. 

    Made from INGEO fibres from 100% natural and sustainable cornstarch. GMO free, too!

    For newborns, you can cut the liners in half and save some money. 

    You can also use these as disposable wet wipes with no ingredients except water: 

    • Tear off enough sheets that you need for the day
    • Place in any useful tub you have in the home or in takeaway container for use out of the home
    • Add water. As a guideline, use 15mls for 3 sheets but this can be adapted depending on how wet or dry you like them. Just experiment and if it's too wet,
    • then add another dry wipe to soak up the excess

    Size: Roll of 200

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