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Baby will sleep for anywhere between 90 minutes to 3 hours between feeds in the day, with some 'awake time' after feeds.  Baby might be stretching out night sleeps to 4 to 5 hours between feeds.

Sleep, glorious slep!

To help baby sleep, to keep your baby safe and to work towards a good sleep pattern, there are some things a new mum can do.

Until baby is 6-12 months old, the safest place for baby to sleep is in a cot or bassinette next to your bed.  Always sleep baby on their back on a firm, flat mattress with no doonas,, pillows, lambswool, bumpers or soft toys in their cot.  Make sure bedding or clothing cannot cover over baby's face or overheat your new baby.

Some tips to help baby sleep

1. Work towards a regular pattern

2. Start to develop a bedtime routine

3. For now comfort baby if having trouble settling

4. Check that your baby is comfortable and safe

5. Wait and listen when baby awakes - dont rush in


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