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The Second Month

A really lovely thing about the second month is that this is the time when most babies start to smile.  There is no better feeling that when your precious baby first smiles at you!

Your little one may be starting to take a real interest in everything around them in their new big world.  They may be looking around and listening and watching everything you do.

Remember that your baby is learning all the time - and learning mostly from you.  You can help make your baby's world an even more wonderful place by having lots of cuddles, chats, walks and sing-a-longs.

The more attention you pay to your baby, the more he or she will respond.

Five Steps to building my Circle of Security

1.Be my safe base by building a good relationsjip with me will be the very best thing you can do for your baby.

2. Delight your baby by showing them love, playing and talking to your baby lovingly and praising them.

3. Hold your baby lovingly, cuddle them closely and they will soak up all your love and affection through your skin by being so close.

4. Make eye contact with your baby - this is extremely important and this you can do by smiling, singing andtalking whilst you are gazing lovingly into their eyes.

5. Respond quickly everytime your baby cries so your baby can learn trust and know you will meet their needs because they are too little to meet them.

Happy Parenting!

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